Eric Evans mentioned in the blue book Domain Driven Design (DDD) is meant to tackle the complexity in the heart of software but there is another common opinion in the industry that DDD increase the complexity of Software Delivery and Maintenance. Let’s talk about some of the primary reasons behind this opinion.

Before we go deeper let’s quickly understand the two sides of Domain Driven Design (DDD) — Strategic and Tactical DDD.

Performance Engineering is a crucial topic for an individual or a company who is looking to transform the mindset from developer to engineer. In a typical service or product development life cycle the performance consideration comes bit later and also its managed by separate teams most of the times. This kind of practice will create a huge impact on your cost model and the platform evolution plan.

Analysts predict that by 2021, organizations that focus on performance engineering in their application development will outperform competitors that have not made that shift.

Start Early, Do Continuously

Performance requirements and Service Level Objectives(SLO) should be drafted…

There are many reasons like performance, scalability etc., for people to choose NoSQL data base over Relational DB however the vital part of meeting these requirements is based on your schema data model.

Data Modeling is a journey starts from understanding the requirement and transforming into model using patterns and then evolve the model continuously.

Traditionally we tend to start ER or UML diagrams to capture the model once we have some amount of clarity on the requirements but the best way to start the data modelling is to write an application with in-memory and understand them based on some…

Rabbani Kaja Mohideen

Passionate engineer and Enterprise Architecture Practitioner who loves to learn & grow.

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