Performance Engineering in Practice

Start Early, Do Continuously

Performance requirements and Service Level Objectives(SLO) should be drafted along with your business requirements and Test plan Development for performance also should go hand in hand. When you understand your business/domain you can’t separate how it has to perform in the real world. For example, in a typical e-commerce business shopping cart performance is inseparable and its one of the key business metrics for you.

Understand your root well

We can’t do an effective performance engineering without knowing the underlying Hardware and Software where your application is running. In the last two decades Hardware Management evolved from Bare Metal to Managed services in cloud environment, similarly nowadays most of the application also developed in a highly distributed environment. Understanding these evolutions are highly important to practice Performance Engineering.

Java Application Stack

Code Quality as Performance Governance

The more granuler you go on performance, will give you a better control. Bring down the defined performance metrics into your core classes and functions. By doing this, everyday code integration is getting passed with your defined performance metrics and also it is one of the great mechanism to connect developers into performance engineering mindset.

Practice with tools

Early detection is always key in software development and we also prefer to find the issues proactively. There are plenty of tools available in the market to perform load and performance testing, choose the relevant as per your need.

Integrate with your culture

Performance Engineering represents a cultural shift in the way organizations view their essential processes. Moving the teams from performance testing to performance engineering isn’t an easy process and it has to be a top-down approach in an organization.

Holistic view of Performance Engineering



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Rabbani Kaja Mohideen

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